Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Texting-While-Driving Death Case in South Florida Reaches $8.8 Million Verdict

Dr. David Strayer
Tragic Accident Caused By Teenage Driver Reinforces Why National Transportation Officials Want to Ban Cellular Phone Use in Cars

MIAMI  - A Miami-Dade County jury recently awarded more than $8.8 million to the family of a Miami-Dade County wife and mother who was tragically killed in September 2008 when a teenage driver collided into the passenger's side of the family car. Attorneys Alan Goldfarb and Rick Gunion represented the husband and two children of the deceased.

Myriam del Socorro Lopez was a passenger sitting next to her husband when 17-year-old Luis Cruz-Govin slammed his father's Subaru into the couple's car. Lopez was killed.
Evidence in the case showed that Govin was driving between 61 and 69 mph in a 40 mile per hour speed zone and was also texting at the time the crash occurred.  The texting records obtained showed an outgoing text from the driver to his girlfriend at 8:19 pm and the paramedics were first notified of the accident at 8:21 pm.

Dr. David Strayer, a nationally known texting and distracting driving expert testified during the trial as to the effects of driving and texting.    Dr. Strayer's research includes the phenomenon known as inattention blindness that can affect drivers who are texting  or who are anticipating the next text.

The $8.8 million verdict was awarded as compensatory damages to the husband and two children and also as personal injury damages to the husband who was also in the family vehicle at the time of the accident.


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