Sunday, June 24, 2012

Central Florida Association for Women Lawyers Honored with the 2012 Partner in Education Award

In May 2012, the Central Florida Association for Women Lawyers (“CFAWL”) was honored with the Partner in Education Award for West Orange County for all of the good work the organization completed at Rock Lake Elementary School. CFAWL member Kayla Mudge attended the award ceremony at Sea World.

For almost a decade, CFAWL has partnered with other organizations to support Rock Lake, during which time the school has risen from being ranked an F school to being ranked as an A school. Additionally, in 2009, Rock Lake was nominated as the State of Florida's number one school in exceptional student performance for two or more consecutive years under Title I. This honor qualified Rock Lake to be considered for an award on a national level, and at the Title I Conference in February 2009, Rock Lake became one of fifty-seven schools in the nation to receive a Distinguished School Award.

The successes achieved by Rock Lake demonstrate the significant, positive impact CFAWL has made on the school and its students through their continued support. CFAWL is proud of Rock Lake’s students and all the CFAWL members who have contributed to the Backpack Project, Teach In, and Angel Tree Project during its 2011-2012 membership year.

CFAWL is a professional organization devoted to actively promoting the advancement of women in the legal profession and expanding the leadership role of its members in the community at large. For more information, please visit


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