Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Join the February 11th Cancer CureSearch walk at Bayfront Park.

Dear Josh,
February 11th is the Cancer CureSearch walk at Bayfront Park. Join us as we celebrate and honor children from the Miami area who have been affected by children's cancer. This very special day will include prizes, music, food, and fun activities for the entire family! Please encourage your friends and family to join us as we raise funds to reach the day when every child with cancer is guaranteed a cure!

Start time is at 10 am and registration for the late-comers starts at 9.
To pre-register just visit the link above.

My daughter, Daniela, is part of a team comprised of kids receiving treatment at Baptist Pediatric Oncology with her oncologist, Dr. D.  Her team is called "Dr. D-fenders."  You can register for the walk under her team. Obviously, the goal is to raise money for cancer research and any donations regardless of the amount are appreciated, but an equally important goal is increasing awareness through participation in the event. So, the more the merrier! Let's find some people to enjoy our group stroll around Bayfront Park!

By the way, even if you can't make the walk, you can still donate a minimum of $10.00 under Daniela's name or under her team's name.  $10.00 is the minimum donation required per walker. However, Kid's under 15 have no minimum donation requirement to walk.

Thanks again.




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