Tuesday, April 5, 2011

MEDICAID: LEGISLATIVE UPDATE! by Stephanie L. Schneider, Board Certified Elder Law Attorney

Contact Your State Legislator Today

As we speak, The Florida legislature is preparing to vote on proposed changes to the Medicaid laws which will negatively impact families and professionals who care for the elderly and people with special needs.  The proposed changes seek to make it more difficult for families to use asset preservation strategies such as paying a family caregiver for their time and services and spousal refusal (which could cause an increase in divorce rates for seniors). The bill also proposes making Medicaid like an HMO which may limit choices and access to quality care and medications.


Join Stephanie L. Schneider Board Certified Elder Law Attorney to learn how families & community professionals can understand the issues in time to contact their representatives and make a difference to prevent this bill from becoming law. We will provide contact lists for area legislators and highlights of the proposed changes

When: Thursday, April 21st 9:45 am to 10:30 am (please be prompt)
Where: Leeza’s Place at Memorial Hospital Pembroke, 2261 N. University Dr. Suite 103
(southeast corner Sheridan St. & University Dr, Pembroke Pines 33023) 954-883-7240
Who: All family members and professionals caring for seniors and special needs loved ones.

RSVP Today (seating is limited): Hillary 954-382-1997 (Stephanie L. Schneider PA)
Leeza’s Place 954-883-7240 or Email: hjosephs@fl-elderlaw.com


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