Monday, February 14, 2011

Is it better to be a Beiber or a Esperanza Spalding?

How much is the music industry like the legal industry? There is a lot of talk around the legal industry about finding your specialty. I would argue in the music industry that the superstars are those that can escape blending into any specific category and become a name unto themselves. Using last night's award show as a metaphor for your career, do you think an attorney has a better chance of long term success focusing their aspirations on becoming a superstar like Beiber by building a name for themselves in the industry through diversifying efforts in a way that impacts more than just a target audience - great examples might be Roy Black with his Black's Ball and TV celebrity and John Kozyak with his countless efforts to give back including his minority picnic or working late nights focusing your craft in a specific genre (practice area) like Spalding? Who would be a great example of a Spalding in our industry, someone who is at the top of their game in a specific practice area, doesn't get their name out there in other ways, but deserves an award for being the best at their craft?


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